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Where Technology and Compassion Collide

BodhiTalk Online Video Counseling is a confidential, HIPAA compliant way to participate in a psychotherapeutic counseling experience through an online video conferencing platform.  Very similar to a Skype or FaceTime video call, BodhiTalk allows a client to connect with their counselor in the comfort of their home or anywhere else that has a internet or data connection.  Due to the high demands on their time today, many people find it very challenging to get themselves or their loved one to a counseling session.  Others may not feel comfortable meeting someone face to face and find it easier to connect with a therapist through a digital device.  Still others may be worried about going into a mental health clinic because of stigma or judgement. Bodhi Talk gives you the ability to decide what is the best environment to enhance your own personal wellbeing during therapy and gives the flexibility to still work with a therapist while traveling, stuck at the office, going away to college or university, or studying abroad.  It also gives those living in rural areas an opportunity to connect with a therapist in a way that may not have been possible before.  

Advantages to Bodhi Talk:

Access services in the comfort of your own home

Reduced fear of stigma attached to going to a mental health clinic

Removes commuting time from your session

Flexibility to work with a therapist during a break at work 

Participate in therapy while traveling or away at college

Reduced fear of going to therapy, especially amongst adolescents and young adults

Research has shown that many people actually report it is easier to connect with a therapist through video counseling, especially those with anxiety and social phobias.  

Requirement to use the Bodhi Talk platform:

Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone with a video camera and Microphone

Hi-Speed Internet Connection or Cellular Data Connection

Google Chrome Web browser on computers

Google Meet App on tablets and smartphones

Telehealth counseling services offered to clients in Hawai'i and New Jersey 

Call now to set up a free 30-minute video or audio consultation

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