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The Beginning of Bodhi

The creation of Bodhi Wellness and Psychotherapy has been a long time dream of Kim and I. My side started about eight years ago. At that time in my life, I was newly sober through 12 step recovery. I had spent many years in active addiction fighting to gain control over my drug use with absolutely no success. After another trip to inpatient treatment, I reached the desperate place of surrender in which I became teachable, open to suggestion, and seeking a true solution. I was introduced to spiritual practices, most importantly meditation and 12 step recovery, by a counselor at the treatment program I was attending. I knew right away that there was a peace and calm that could be attained through these practices and sought it with a great fervor. My mind often raced and anxiety was a part of my daily existence, but I, none the less, continued to practice meditation, read books about it, and take direction from those with experience. Meditation, along with a dedicated undertaking of the 12 steps led me to many substantial shifts in consciousness and personality, as well as long term recovery.

Throughout my journey of healing, I was introduced to a number of spiritual and psychological practices that helped me. Reiki came along within my first year sober, and I quickly became a student of traditional usui reiki up to the master level. This was followed by a more in-depth training in unlimited white light reiki to a master level as well. Reiki opened me to a type of healing energy that transcended what my rational mind thought was possible. With a bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a research scientist by trade, I never thought that I would be practicing this techniques that involved no tangible evidence through science, but my direct experience with it was revolutionizing the way I perceived reality.

My next project was the building and opening of a sober house for men in early recovery. This experience opened me to the joys of helping others through their struggles in a professional way. I had much experience with working with men through mentorship in the 12 step recovery world, but this was the first time that it presented as a professional opportunity. After getting the house up and running, I went on to graduate school at Monmouth University and received my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling with a specialty in Substance Abuse Counseling. During this time, I also participated in a two year apprenticeship in shamanism with master shamans Adam Kane and Alvaro Romao of Saugerties, NY. These two experiences shifted my mind, body and spirit in dramatic ways. They opened my mind to the nature of true healing through so many lenses and led me on a path of becoming a healer in my own right.

Throughout the course of these experiences, the idea of creating an integrative healing center was churning, formulating, and growing. It became a passion and dream to create a place where western psychology and medicine, easter spirituality and philosophy, and indigenous wisdom and healing could come together to aid in the benefit of others. When Kim and I were married, it became clear it was time for this vision to come to fruition. Through the guidance of our teachers and guides in this realm and those beyond, we were inspired to create Bodhi Wellness. It is our hope that this place, in person and in the realm of technology through BodhiTalk telehealth video counseling, can provide healing to those who truly desire it. Thank you all for your support in helping this vision to manifest.

In Great Gratitude,


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