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Substance Use Prevention and Education for Schools and Communities

Education on the risks, causes, signs and prevention of substance abuse for students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Our Approach


Using first hand personal experience to illustrate important topics in prevention we create a memorable educational experience to help students make healthy choices.


We cover the progression of Addiction by walking students through our experience with substances from an early age to the consequences of late stage addiction. We cover topics related to risk factors including family history, brain development, physiological and psychological changes, the impact on relationships and the overall progression of addiction. Throughout our story we also illustrate opportunities for prevention and intervention.


Students learn from the experiences of someone who became addicted to substances. We walk them through the decisions we made and how they impacted our lives. We also discuss how addiction impacts relationships, families, communities, and our culture on a large scale. We also discuss how someone struggling with addiction can find help.



Key Topics


Decision making and the developing brain

Why people use alcohol and other drugs

How substance use impacts brain development


How genetic history can increase the risk of substance abuse


Psychological and physiological impact of substance use


Social norms and misperceptions about substance use


The progression of addiction


How to help someone struggling with substance abuse


Warning signs, early intervention and prevention


Cultural messages about substance use


Building supportive relationships


Resources to prevent and treat substance abuse

Life in recovery


Pricing for School and Community Programs

First Presentation: $800

Each Subsequent Presentation Within the Same Day: $400

Customized Presentations for Multiple Classes or Locations: Variable Pricing

Customizable Presentations, Topics, and Formats Available

Please call or email us to discuss your needs and collaborate on a program designed for your school

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