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Substance Use, Addiction, and Long-Term Recovery Counseling

Substance Use Disorders have become more prevalent in our society today then ever before.  The detrimental effects of substance abuse and addiction on the individuals with this disease, and their family and friends, are devastating.  Since substance use disorders come in many different forms, along with the varying personalities of those who have them, we at Bodhi Wellness have designed an individualized approach to substance abuse treatment.  Our understanding of the treatment of substance use disorders and addiction have come out of our extensive training and treatment of many clients struggling with these issues combined with our own personal journeys with active addiction and recovery. Dave, a co-founder of Bodhi Wellness, has direct experience with the hopelessness and despair of active addiction, as well as the challenges and triumphs of recovery.  As a member of the long-term recovery community for over eight years, he brings his personal experience and compassion for the disease, combined with many years of training and expertise in the field of addiction treatment.  


Whether you or your loved one is only experiencing a minimal disturbance from substance abuse, such as a marijuana arrest or disciplinary actions within school, or you have been struggling with a severe addiction for many years, you can rest assured that we will develop a treatment plan that addresses your situation in a personal and realistic way.  We understand that not every recovery plan works for every client, therefore we are able to present many different paths to recovery.  These modalities include, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, refuge recovery, 12-step recovery, trauma informed substance use treatment with EMDR, various forms of relapse prevention, family systems therapy, family recovery support, and mindfulness based treatment protocols to name a few.  You can be hopeful that your individual needs will be assessed, along with the creation of a treament plan that is right for you and/or your loved one.  

Substance Abuse

We provide a highly individualized and personal substance abuse treatment plan built around your needs and goals. We specialize in a number of recovery paths, including 12-step recovery, refuge recovery, SMART recovery, and harm reduction.

Process Addictions

If you struggle with addiction to sex, gambling, video games, food or any other process addiction, we can help you break free of this bondage.

Family Recovery

Addiction has detrimental effects on family and loved ones of those afflicted with it. Parenting or being in relationship with someone with addiction is often counterintuitive to our natural instinct.  Counseling for family members can often lead shifts in the family that aid in the likelihood that someone can gain and maintain recovery, as well as relieving the stress and anxiety within loved ones. 

Long-Term Recovery 

If you are already in recovery from a substance and/or process addiction and are searching for a therapist who understands your program of recovery and can help you with other issues, such as trauma, relationship skills, career counseling, etc, we can help!

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