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The Bodhi Story

Bodhi - "to understand the true nature of things" "Awakening" "Enlightenment"

Wellness - "the state of being in good physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health, especially as an actively pursued goal"

We (Dave and Kim Dolan, co-founders of Bodhi Wellness) met in graduate school at Monmouth University while studying mental health counseling.  We fell in love, moved in together, and were married.  After a trip to Maui together, we fell in love with Hawai'i and decided to move here after getting married.  Our dream has always been to build a center of integrated healing through mind, body and spirit and the result of that dream is Bodhi Wellness and Psychotherapy.  We opened our first office in Makawao, HI serving upcountry Maui.  The vision for this practice is to expand into a group practice over the coming years providing the best possible mental health services to the people of Maui!  In order to offer services to clients in rural areas and those that can not reach out office for various reasons, we also designed an online video counseling platform we call BodhiTalk that enables us to provide services to people anywhere on the Hawaiian islands, as well as New Jersey.


Our own personal journey's of life have been ones of struggle and triumph.  We both know what it feels like to feel lost, to be trapped in self-harming patterns, to struggle with love and acceptance of ourselves and others, and to feel hopeless.  We both have been through our own courses of therapy with clinicians of different backgrounds and have found healing, growth, and self-love through these experience.  We know what it feels like to be a client, and we have done and continue to do the work necessary for our own personal growth and well-being to ensure that we offer the best therapy we can to our clients.  We both believe in the wounded healer concept of therapy; that it is only through our own challenges, struggles, healing and growth that we can offer these things to our clients.  We believe in a client-centered approach meaning that, though we may have a great deal of knowledge and experience in psychotherapy and healing, we do not place ourselves in a position of authority over our clients.  We take the time to understand each of them and their individual situations, so that we can walk with them side-by-side towards healing and growth.  

At Bodhi Wellness, we commit to offering you the absolute highest level of attention and care as you trust us with being your therapeutic guide. 

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