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Wellness Services

Mind, Body & Spirit Offerings for our Community 

Shamanic Ceremonial Healing

Shamanic healing is a dynamic healing art derived from ancient cultures throughout history and from around the globe.  Dave completed a two year apprenticeship with master shamans, Adam Kane Alvaro Romao from Saugerties, NY in various forms of shamanic divination and healing.  A shamanic healing session involves divination work (seeking guidance from the healing spirits), counseling, and energy clearing/healing work, including:


Drumming and Rattle Healing


Power Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval

Soul Calling

Soul Retrieval

Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa

Unlimited White-Light Reiki

A Reiki Treatment is a gentle laying on of hands which unblocks and balances the body's energy. It is relaxing, nurturing, energizing, and freeing. It is a powerful but gentle means of providing access to the unlimited light-filled energy inside us and in our universe. It is a special way of directing this high vibrational energy to restore balance, harmony, and healing into our lives.

Dave has been a dedicated practitioner of reiki for almost a decade.  He has trained in traditional Usui Reiki and Unlimited White Light Reiki to a master/teacher level in both.

Traditional Healing Sessions in Reiki and/or Shamanism are 90 minutes and are billed at $300 per session.

Please call to see if these services are a good fit for you.

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