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Fees for Services



30 Minute Online Video Consultation or Call - Free

Therapy Intake 90 Minutes - $250

Psychotherapy Session 50 Minutes - $200

Shamanic/Reiki Healing Session 100 Minutes - $250


**Now Accepting HMSA PPO, HMO & HMSA Quest**

Bodhi Wellness and Psychotherapy now accepts all HMSA plans as an in-network provider.  We also accept most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans from out of state provided that the plan allows for services while traveling.  We do not participate in any other in-network insurance panels.  If we do not accept your insurance and you have out-of-network insurance benefits as part of your insurance plan, we will provide you with a superbill for submission to your insurance for partial reimbursement of your payment.  Bodhi Wellness and Psychotherapy can not confirm your insurance benefits are covered nor guarantee that you will be reimbursed by your insurance for services that we provide with out-of-network services.

Please call us with any questions regarding your insurance and services.  We know this can be challenging for our clients to navigate, and we do not want to add any further stress to your life.   

Sliding Fee Scale


Bodhi Wellness and Psychotherapy does offer a limited amount of spaces for clients who truly can not afford our services because of financial hardship through a sliding fee program.  In order to qualify for this reduced rate, we request proof of income and a letter stating the individuals motivation for treatment and why they would like to participate in therapy with us.  Sliding fee scale ranges from $90 - $125 per session.  Please call or email us to inquire about our sliding fee scale. 

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