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Services Offered

Specializing in high quality mental health, substance abuse and wellness services

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Psychotherapy Services

Are you struggling managing stress in your life?  Is there a sense of disconnection from yourself and others?  Is anxiety or depression paralyzing you?  Do you want a clear vision of your life and where your going?

Substance Use, Process Addiction, and Long Term Recovery Treatment 

Are you or a loved one struggling with the use of drugs and/or alcohol?  Have you recently had trouble with family or legal issues related to your substance use? Is gambling ruining your life? Is compulsive sexual behavior preventing you from the life you desire?  Is you or your child's video game addiction consuming your life?  At Bodhi Wellness, we provide a individualized approach for each person.  We will design a treatment plan appropriate for your needs.  

BodhiTalk is a confidential online video counseling platform that can be accessed from anywhere with privacy and a wifi or data connection.  BodhiTalk was originally created for clients who could not make it into the office because of lack of time, vacation, or transportation issues.  It was soon discovered that video counseling is as effective and at times more effective than standard, in-person psychotherapy.  We then expanded BodhiTalk as a stand alone option for our clients.  

Wellness Services

At Bodhi Wellness, we offer a number of wellness services as stand alone treatments and as complementary treatment with psychotherapeutic services.  As psychotherapists and energy workers we have strived to be able to create a center where these services can be offered in an integrative way.  Whether you are looking for a traditional shamanic healing session, unlimited white light reiki, mindfulness meditation, or yoga therapy, we can help!



Substance Abuse Prevention and Education for Schools and Communities

Education on the risks, causes, signs and prevention of substance abuse for students, parents, teachers, and staff.

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