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Events, Workshops and Retreats

Tea Party 

Premium Gong Fu Tea Served All Night

Live Music (Acoustic Guitar Looping Dreamscapce, live Hip Hop, DJ Dance Music)

Connection and Community 

$10 Cash or Venmo at the Door

No Pre-registration Required

June 22nd from 6:30 - 10:30pm


AcuGong Soul Harmony 


Community Based Acupuncture and Sound Healing Experience

Dave Dolan LMHC and Debrah Santi L.Ac. join together to offer a truly unique healing experience. We will be gathering for an evening experience of acupuncture, sound healing and guided meditation.  Debrah will be offering acupuncture to all participants. Debrah is a gifted acupuncturist who integrates the wisdom of the medicine with her foundation of traditional and esoteric Chinese medicine and intuitive wisdom to weave a deep sense of self love & healing. Each needle is inserted with the intention to align body mind and spirit, and access our highest frequency, Love.  Dave will be facilitating a sound healing experience with multiple gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, bells, rattles, and buffalo drum.  During the experience we will also be offering a collective reiki healing experience.  Some moments of the evening will focus on the individuals healing while others will be focused on the group as a whole.  Prepare for an interstellar experience of sound frequency and energy healing to clear psycho-emotional and energetic blockages from the body, expand consciousness and tap us into our deepest self.


A 2-Hour Healing Journey 

$50 per person

$40 Bodhi Founding Members

June 29th from 4:30 - 6:30pm

Gong Cha

An afternoon of premium Gong Fu tea and the sonic frequency of the Gong.  

Chad from Silk Sky Tea and Dave of the Bodhi Community Co-Op have created the unique experience of "Gong Cha."

Chad will be conducting a Gong Fu Tea Experience with premium tea sourced directly from farms in China and Taiwan. He will discuss the tea, the effects produce in the physical body, energy body, and subtle bodies.

Dave will be conducting an opening meditation to ground and center us for the tea ceremony and play the Sun Gong, Venus Gong, and other sound healing instruments throughout the experience.  The ceremony itself will be in vocal silence and we will open up at the end for sharing.  

We hope you can join us for this truly unique event.

A 2-Hour Experience

$40 per person

$35 Bodhi Founding Members

$35 Silk Sky Tea Club Members

August 2nd from 10am-Noon


Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist Psychology Series

An 8-week course in Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist Psychology.  This course is great for people brand new to meditation and seasoned veterans looking to connect more deeply.  


In this 8 week series, we will review the basic components of mindfulness meditation, common misconceptions and hindrances to meditation, establishing a daily practice, posture and breath, anchors for focus, RAIN for mindfulness throughout the day, finding our inner goodness, and cultivating positive emotions including compassion, loving-kindness, and forgiveness.  We do ask that if you sign up for this series that you can attend most classes and will not miss more than a week except for unforseen circumstances. This is to develop strong group cohesion.  


Each session will include a didactic element (dharma talk), guided meditation practice, and group sharing. 

An 8-Week Series

More Info and Dates Coming Soon!

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