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Events, Workshops and Retreats


Kundalini Yoga Foundations

We will review the foundational aspects of kundalini yoga including History and Science of Kundalini yoga, as well as working with the most common asana, pranayama (breath work), mantra, drishti, and the bandhas.

Saturday March 9th 4-7pm

3-Hour Workshop
$65 per person
$50 for Founding Members


The Seven Archetypal Directions and Spirits

In this 3-hour workshop, we will review the 7 directions and how they connect with the movement of the sun and the seasons, the energy and lessons of each direction, the spirits which are connected with each direction, and ways to call in the spirits/directions including rattling and drumming.

We will also work with smudging techniques and the directions.  This workshop will give you everything you need to begin to build your own relationship with the spirits and directions in your daily practice. 

A 3-Hour Workshop

$65 per person

$50 for Founding Members

Registration in advance requested

Saturday March 16th 10am-1pm

Gong Cha

An afternoon of premium Gong Fu tea and the sonic frequency of the Gong.  

Chad from Silk Sky Tea and Dave of the Bodhi Community Co-Op have created the unique experience of "Gong Cha."

Chad will be conducting a Gong Fu Tea Experience with premium tea sourced directly from farms in China and Taiwan. He will discuss the tea, the effects produce in the physical body, energy body, and subtle bodies.

Dave will be conducting an opening meditation to ground and center us for the tea ceremony and play the Sun Gong, Venus Gong, and other sound healing instruments throughout the experience.  The ceremony itself will be in vocal silence and we will open up at the end for sharing.  

We hope you can join us for this truly unique event.

A 2-Hour Experience

$40 per person

$35 Bodhi Founding Members

$35 Silk Sky Tea Club Members

March 2nd from 10am-Noon

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