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Empowerment to Heal

I believe we all have the ability to find healing within. Experiencing pain and suffering, we can lose sight of our own inner wisdom and capability to heal. When this happens, we often feel alone and fearful, along with many other feelings. It can feel that we are unable to move forward, or we try to, and feel stuck or frozen in fear. Finding our way back to ourselves can be a scary process, and all too often we believe we have to go through this pain alone, and the truth is - we do not. The fear of vulnerability can keep us hidden away from exposing our true feelings and thoughts. Fear tells us that we are the only ones experiencing this pain and to reveal this to another is too much of a risk to take. We fear the judgment of others or rejection. In my experience as a human being and a clinician, I know this to be true – our vulnerability truly connects us all. None of us are immune to pain or suffering, it is part of living. Our relationship with our pain is what dictates how we respond and what we make of it. Having someone in our life, such as a therapist, to walk with us in a loving and kind way, can help remind us of our light and inner wisdom that we have forgotten, but never have lost. Embarking on the journey of self-discovery often requires us to become aware of certain unknown aspects of ourselves. In seeing ourselves honestly, we are able to unmask our true selves. Without this awareness, we often live in reaction to our world. We let our emotions or our thoughts overrun us, or our negative self-beliefs decide for us. Gaining awareness of how we respond, and what causes our responses, is essential for giving us the choice to choose how to respond to circumstances and people. The freedom to be your authentic self and to feel connected to that self. To not be controlled by feelings, thoughts, emotions, and/or circumstances. My belief is that we are always connected to ourselves, as this is our natural state, but certain traumas, hurts, people and situations, can get in the way and block us off from our true nature. I believe we all have an internal compass towards healing, it just tends to get buried underneath our pain and suffering, and we forget.

Working with my own therapy process, meditation and other healing modalities, I have come to realize just how much I was letting thought and reaction control my life. I was tired all the time, which was mostly a result of my constant battle with the flow of life. I would fight and battle to control others or situations, if they did not go my way, or constantly negatively ruminate. Only until I truly surrendered, did I have my life and energy back. I have truly experienced a sense of freedom from this awareness, which I never thought was even remotely possible! I am the one who holds the keys to happiness in my pocket.

My dream to build Bodhi Wellness & Psychotherapy with Dave came from both of us experiencing love and healing that grew out of pain and suffering, and sharing a desire to empower our clients to find their own path to healing, just as we were inspired by our teachers and healers to find ours. I feel such honor and gratitude in being able to experience walking with clients on the path towards healing.

In great gratitude,

Kim Dolan

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